Dec. 31st, 2003

Azar called me today :) She just got back from visiting family in AZ. And of course, she sure as hell didn't give anybody permission to use her image, and she emphasized again (which I knew very well) that she's EXTREMELY particular about the use of her image. Azar: "And she's trying to SELL them?!?"

So I got to write the letter :)

I sent a link outlining copyright infringements and art. It's actually very interesting, if anyone cares to read it:

If she was doing it just for personal use, that's one thing, but intent to sell makes this a whole other dangerous ball of wax.

It's like taking one of my images, like the cane dancer in red and black, and making her outfit blue and her hair blonde. It would still be MY IMAGE.

It's also one thing when you have someone model for you, and you don't necessarily have to credit the model in the final art (like Khristine, I may make open mention of who shows up in my work, but I'm not listing K.A.P. for every single piece, because of our model agreement.) I give Shiva credit for the images she took of me, as she gives me credit for being the model. And for very specific pieces, like "Mahirimah" - I give both Sharon (model) and Ruth (photographer) credit every time I use the image, and I asked permission of both of them before doing anything. It's another thing to rip off someone else's images without permission and make a minor mess of them.



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