And now, I can officially release the squirrels...cats...bunnies...OWLS! I am working on a new instructional/performance DVD this Spring called "Bellydance Artistry" - and I'm self-producing this project. So, that means fundraiser and awesome rewards for those who participate! All of the details are here!
Just made a photo album of dancewear stuff I'm purging (should be viewable to everyone) - some "vintage" Geish Moths pants and tops, Phoenix-Rising pants, MeloPhoenix pants, gothy/tribal practice choli's, etc:
Another new entry:

and I archived some older blog entries from worth keeping...
I love the use of color, layering, and unusual perspective:

NJ/DE/PAfolks - looking to be a real possibility of a workshop this weekend inthe Ocean City area, most likely late Saturday morning, consideringdoing "Journey To The Underworld" - hope to have details finalized foryou tomorrow!

*updated - going to move this to August 14th, have a possible studio location at a new facility in Somers Point. Looking at 10-12pm, so folks can enjoy the rest of the day at the beach.
So the charm collection has hit Target - and I believe it is all stores!! We have 4 necklaces in the collection: a birdcage, a rhinestone camera, a music note frame and note, and "night-time-screw" - an owl, screw, and clock. The latter two are my designs specifically. The owl especially is mine from scratch, which is very exciting!

ALSO: in the ring department, there is an antique brass owl on a stretch ring - also mine from scratch, and a Victorian bow on a shank (sorta antique gold) - we have other designs, but these two are MINE!

In the Romantic Vintage collection, there is a soft pink cameo with glitter enamel on a long chain that is mine. Also multi-color pearl drop earrings.

In the Rocker collection, there is a long black ball chain necklace with steamy-looking rings on it, set with stones. Mine.

In the Earring panel, there is a pair of teal/turq and copper roundish enamel earrings with a teal rhinestone - and also enameled purple and gold leaf-shaped with spirals earrings. Mine.
Just a reminder, Amel Tafsout will be teaching and performing in Providence, Rhode Island this weekend, July 10th-11th! Workshops and show will take place at Perishable Theater (workshops up at Groundwerx, on the 3rd floor), 85 Empire St, Providence.

The theater show will take place 7:30-9:30pm on Saturday evening - doors open at 7pm - featuring Amel Tafsout, Tempest, Anaar, Najmat, Badriya, Samara, Neylan, Ameena, Baseema, Sara Ford, Belladonna, and more! Very special rate of two tickets for only $25 ends TONIGHT(tickets are $15 each, or $20 at the door - IF AVAILABLE, we are halfway sold out!!).

8 hours of workshops all weekend with Amel, only a couple of spaces available in any of them! - complete details at

Buy tickets/register at
Tempest's Workshop @ Tribal Fest 10 - "The Body Of Dance"
Thursday, 5/13, RUSSIAN Room 2:30-5:30 (3 hours total)
**A few spaces are still available - register at the door, $48 per student.**

At the bare essence of dance, the dancer uses their body to express the music, to create lines and carve shapes in space. The best dancers not only know a lot of moves and how to put them together, but how to choose and utlize moves that look best on their frames and express their intent and personality. So that they OWN the moves, the moves don't own them - and every angle is appealing to the eye, regardless of their size or figure. And far too often, teachers pass moves on to their students without taking into consideration how differences in frame and body structure can affect those moves. Are you dancing to your best advantage? This workshop intensive is designed to help you use what you have to the best of your body - to create more effective and powerful dance using your existing vocabulary (as well as new combinations and accents) for understanding YOUR body lines for the most flattering look and finish - and this workshop is for ALL body types and styles. Learn to use what nature has given you NOW (not where you hope to be), and RAK it!

In addition to addressing to tailoring moves for your body type, we will also focus on costuming for professionalism - aka
Tempest's Guide To Style - tailoring costuming to your personality and the level of dance you're presenting, while discovering what works best in terms of lines, color, and pattern for your figure and presentation.Learn how to integrate your favorite elements without looking like a curbside alert or a copycat.

This is a mini-intensive open to all levels and styles of dancers, but especially for those who at a performance level. What to Bring: You are encouraged to bring costuming pieces and inspiration pictures - and be ready to take notes for your personal shape!

"Body of Dance" premiered in Indianapolis this past April - and here's what some of the attendees had to say about their workshop experience:

"I found this workshop not only gave me great ideas on how best to present moves on my own body, but it gave me a much better appreciationfor my body. When Tempest went through each suggested move and demonstrated how to present it in the best way for each body type, I realized that there aren't any moves that "don't look right on me" -only ways of presenting a move that are more flattering than other ways. All in all, a very affirming workshop - I don't need to try to lose 80 pounds and grow long legs after all!" - Kat

"The Body of Dance taught me how to make the different moves work best on my body. Simple modifications like changing the angle can make a ton of difference. As a teacher, I learned a lot invaluable information to help my students make the most out of the moves for their body shape.Tempest took us on a journey of how the different moves really feel IN our bodies... not just on our bodies." - Celeste
Pre-Orders for Nouveau Noir hoodies, and another run of fitted tees,tanks available - if you'd like a men's shirt, please LMK ASAP, as I amplacing the order on Wednesday.  You can pick up at Spring Caravan,Tribal Fest, or I will ship to anywhere! These go fast, so place yourorder now to insure your size and style!

(and for those of you who can't place the order right this minute or tomorrow, but know you can/will in the next two weeks - by Spring Caravan or TF10, then please write me and let me know what style/size you want, and I will put one aside for you - but I need to know this ASAP!)
I've decided to do another run of Nouveau Noir merch - same design - the white and black drawing on charcoal grey shirts. I will be doing:

-zippered hoodies (decent weight, not the super-thin ones), S-XL (might be able to get XXL if folks are interested)
-spaghetti tank: S-XL
-ribbed (wide strap) tank: S-XXL
-fitted tee's, S-XXL

I could do a few men's tee's, but those would have be requested/pre-ordered.

Hoodies would be $40, tanks and tee's $20. You can pick up at Spring Caravan, Tribal Fest, or ship for $5 domestic. (slightly more international)

I need to place the order probably by Wednesday so I can get part of them back for Spring Caravan, so if you'd like to order something specific, if you could let me know what item and what size, that would help me a lot. No need to pay for it right this moment, but if I'm only ordering a dozen hoodies, 3 of each size, and 4 people all want L in a pre-order, that would change please, LMK what your heart desires, if you sincerely want one.

Artwork at - DO NOT USE THE BUTTONS, it's an old page!!! Thanks :)

Dosome serious damage to that holiday shopping list with unique,beautifully crafted and designed gifts made by RISD alumni! The RISD Alumni Sales feature thousands of items designed and created by alumni from all over the country and the world.

Alumni Holiday Art Sale
December 12
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Rhode Island Convention Center
One Sabin Street

admission: adults $7;
children under 14 and current RISD students (with ID): free


Nov. 29th, 2009 03:18 pm
Tribal Fest 10 website is live.

cart is up, workshop descriptions won't be until later this week when I receive them from the bosses, but that hasn't stopped people from shopping it seems...
I am offering a very special sale on a very limited number of gift certificates $25 free (or more) for every $50 you buy- that can be used for merchandise, custom orders, and if you're local, classes, workshops, and private lessons.

Complete details at
My latest article, "What is Community?", was just published in the Bellydance New England Newsletter - you can read the pdf here (I think it's around page 20):
Now on WEDNESDAY eves!

Wednesdays in Pawtucket @ World Dance & Music Center

5:45pm - 6:45pm Bellydance Foundation
Tempest’s class is structured to be a low-impact workout that improvescoordination, fosters positive body awareness, and tones the whole bodyfrom head to toe, while immersing the student in the fundamentals ofthe art of bellydance. Students will learn the foundation movements ofthe dance, while being engaged about the history, music, and costumingof the dance in its many styles from folkloric to fusion, in a fun andsupportive environment. For beginning to intermediate dancers.

7pm- 8pm Bellydance Fusion – Gothic & Beyond
This class is designed to give intermediate-advanced dancers thetools they need to understand and perform quality fusion bellydance,with an emphasis on Gothic Bellydance (including Nouveau Noir,Steampunk, and Ritual styles). Working from a strong foundation intraditional technique, students will learn dramatic styling, propusage, theatrical enhancement, professional presentation, and mostimportantly, how to develop their own voice in the dance.

About your instructor:

To register and more info,
World Dance and Music Center
925 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor Pawtucket, RI 02861
Phone: 401.723.3900 | 617.733.4141
I'm very proud to announce that fellow RISD alum and assistant director of Ultra Gypsy, Rose Harden, will be teaching a workshop intensive here in Providence on August 8th. Complete details and PayPal registration at

A Fusion Bellydance Intensive With Rose Harden
*-* August 8th, 2009 in Providence, RI *-*
*/*Workshop Descriptions (2 hours each):*

*/11:30am - 1:30pm: Super Duper Slow/*
Working your slow to limit! we will cover a brief warm up focused on
lengthening muscles and opening major joints to develop range of motion.
Emphasis will be on deepening technique, embodying the music, and
finding shapes and lines with a sculptural approach to dance.

/**Lunch & Shopping Break**/

*/2:30 - 4:30pm: Shimmy 'n Shake/*
Explore the wonderful world of shimmies! We will work on defining
different kinds of shimmies- 4/4, 3/4, vibrations, shoulder shimmies and
more. We will incorporate footwork, traveling, and upper body layers in
this exciting class with Rose's unique approach to shimmies.

/*The Details:*/
*Registration is limited to 14 students!!*
*Tution:*/* Before August 1st: */$55 for both workshops, or $30
each./*After August 1st:*/ $65 for both workshops, or $35 each.

Studio II @ RISD Catanzaro Student Center (Basement floor of The Met), 30 Waterman Street, Providence, RI (between Benefit and Meeting Sts, in the middle of the block on the left, a short walk up from the security offices and entrance to The Quad).

/*About Rose Harden:*/

Rose Harden, artist and Tribal Fusion belly dancer, has been a passionate member of the vibrant San Francisco belly dance and
performance community since 1999. She has contributed her artistry to the innovative concepting, costuming, and choreography of influential dance companies *Ultra Gypsy* and the *Barbary Coast Shakedown*. Rose loves the creative process and approaches performance as an extension of her visual arts training, crafting with intention, a unique experience for the audience. She continue to share the joy of this dance form through performance, instruction, and continued study.

As assistant director of Ultra Gypsy, Rose enjoyed sharing the essentials of great technique, dynamic presence and the joy of this
dance form through teaching with Jill Parker throughout the United States and Europe at major festivals and workshops. Festivals she is
honored to have been a part of include Tribal Fest, Spirit of the Tribes, Northern Migration, Tribal Quest, Tribal Cafe, Tribal Con, and
the International Belly Dance Convention.

Rose is inspired by the diversity of the San Francisco performance and dance community where she continues her dance and movement studies with Suhalia Salimpour, Mira Betz, Amy Sigil, yoga, modern dance, and pilates. She also tours with the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and The Lifesize Mousetrap when not managing Rosehips Designs.

Complete details and PayPal registration at
Durga Tour footage from Tri-Cities, WA

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