Nov. 12th, 2003

Here is WAVE ONE of our ebay ambush (operation we need $$$ now!) --whole lot of Pagan/Wicca/Witch/Esoteric craziness! CHEAP!
I think this is my first "real" post in several days. Things have been....very trying. I have always had this secure feeling that no matter, the Universe will take care of me, because it always has. But this week had us at such a dangerous place, I started to get to that line where I begin to wonder if that faith/experienced based concept would hold water....especially when my own attempts to right things seem to just drift on by. What I am getting is that I shouldn't plan so specifically unless I get that 100& gut-feeling, because this seems to be a time of flow. (no, not THAT kind of flow, you silly people...just you wait!).

We were supposed to vend/perform at Caba-Ribal down in Visalia this weekend. Even when the idea hatched months ago, because we were also going to help Jeremiah put together Solace Live! in Fremont, it just didn't have that feeling of "yeap, it's going to happen." The Fresno thing got canceled...and there's no way we can drive 200+ miles/3.75 hours (just one way), leaving around 5 am to get down there hopefully by 9 am to set-up, and then get back up here around 2-3 am. Financially not possible...and I also think, after where we've been, emotionally not possible. And I'm not totally phased by this. But the other opportunity I had to make money if we stayed here has also vanished...but I have this nagging feeling something else (good) will manifest in it's place. We can hope, anyway.

So, there's lots of good stuff on ebay (including a hugebuttloadofstartrek books), and I haven't even listed everything yet. And the galleries for the Gothic Belly Dance site are up. And Shiva put up the galleries for the Temple Gathering on her site.

And if all goes well, I may be able to release MedDevi Ink, version 2.03 before the weekend.

And, if you'd like notecards/magnets to give as gifts for the holidays, NOW is the time to order them! :)



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