Sep. 23rd, 2003

A TidBit

Sep. 23rd, 2003 12:59 pm
Nice mention of the SF PPD on Witchvox:
A lot of stuff happened in the last several days, but I'll just cover the highlights:

In true mercury retrograde style, Robert (as in the professor Robert) called me :) He and his wife are coming out to visit their son and new grandaughter next week, so we'll get to see him :) I haven't really had a chance to talk to him in about 2 years!

This weekend was Desert Dance. Feel like I saw almost everybody (please pardon the lack of LJ tags on that). It was a nice festival, but I think next year we're going to do Sacramento Pagan Pride instead, because it costs less to do, seems to attract more people, and we're more fo a rarity with our merchandise...the economy down here is just pretty rough, and unless that changes, it won't be worth it to do the festival again.

My performance went very well on Saturday (hopefully someone got pix, I think Paloma did). I wore the "spice" costume, with my cloak, which I hoped stood out better than wearing the darker black/red costume. Little things I heard, was told, and noticed (cause occasionally yes, my ego does need a little boost, because I'm able to talk myself down to squat):
"you become like entranced, and you take the whole audience with you"
"i heard the music, came to watch, and got caught up in it, then looked around and saw everyone else was too...people had just stopped shopping and watched."
One of the helpers backstage was chatting with me before I went on, and she asked how long I had been dancing..and I told her 3 years...she didn't say anything, but the feeling was..."oh jeez, another one...3 years is nothing.."...after coming offstage, she looked relatively impressed.
and the winner I think was "that was sooo cool! it was like the audience didn't know what to do with you!"

heh, I'm not sure what to think about that one. I'm sure my style of dancing irritates the sequins off of some people...there are folks out there who think there is only one type of music you can dance to, one way to dress, and one way to move. But this dance is so old, and has been through so many changes and cultures, that is the beauty of it. The key thing is to dance the way it calls to you and do it the best you can. And to hell with anyone who spends time trying to fit everyone into their rigid, small minds. There is not "ONE" style, "THE" dance...there is not one type of woman! Celebrate the beauty and the expression!

Pagany Pix

Sep. 23rd, 2003 02:08 pm
Just got some pix from the PPD folks from my performance on the 13th, all wrapped up, but still pretty cool pix:



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