Sep. 15th, 2003

So, Saturday was the 2nd annual SF-Bay Area Pagan Pride Day.....

Last week, we did the Modesto one, their first ever. They reported over 800 people in attendance. I would be hard-pressed to say that SF's event surpassed that number at all. There may have been even less than last year (seemed like it). The thing is, why? This area has far more Pagans per capita than Modesto. I also understand that the turnout for Sacramento's PPD is definitely in the higher 1000's.

I think it's this: the comfort level. Pagans in the Bay Area face very little's such a culturally diverse area, that next to Hindu's, Buddhists, and dozens of other faiths, Pagans don't stand out. There's no adversity to pull the community together. In places like Modesto and Sac, the culture is a lot less diverse, and Paganism goes from being a norm, to being the unusual. So, the idea of "Pagan Pride" really means something to them. And where the other "pride" events in the Bay Area focus on celebration and high-partying, Pagan Pride is a lot more seriously focused (here we are, doing something good for the community -raising money, collecting donations, etc) and tends to be in the interest of teaching the whole community. Everything else is preaching to the choir.

In comparison, PantheaCon - a major Bay Area Pagan event - draws over 1500 people ([ profile] bellacrow correct me on this if I'm off) and is an expense-based event. (PPD's are free to all, charity item donation requested, but not required) It focuses on diversity and Pagan celebration, it's totally an internal event for Pagans. It's purpose isn't to make a big show for the larger community (the mundanes), but to celebrate from the inside out. So, Bay Area (and beyond) Pagans would rather pay for an event that celebrates internally, rather than externally.

It's really rather interesting. I'm really not sure if there's a way to get a better turnout for an SF PPD...I'm curious to see if a San Jose-based PPD event would fly, because the atmosphere in the South Bay is a tad different. (but I'm not volunteering myself for anything else!)

It's really sort of a shame too, because Saturday was a beautiful day----what better way to spend a Saturday than a gorgeous day in Golden Gate Park...lotsa of pretty shiny things, diverse speakers, performers, and music---and just hang out? We didn't make a lot this year (I think we did better last year), but we both agree it was a nice day well spent.
So, yesterday evening was Cafe Bellie, up in Berkeley. We spent the morning trying to recover from the previous day, then stopped at the Coliseum Flea Market to see if this guy had brought another banjo like he told me the previous week when I went back to get this one that Keith saw and really liked. It wasn't anywhere as nice as the first one, so no go on that. Sucks, because the other one was really nice apparently (good brand, easy to fix up), but we didn't have enough $ with us that day. Overall, I HATE that flea market. Then we decided to stop at the NorCal Swap Meet for the first time, a few exits up on our way to was pretty late when we got there, so a lot of ppl were packing up, but this place is much cooler, better energy, and actual real stuff, not cheap shanty junk (new stuff). We'll be going back.

We got up to Berkeley a little after 5....and even with the earlier set-up, when 6:30 (doors open) rolled around, I was still setting up, AND needed to go get changed for my performance. I think I managed to get changed and make-up on in about 12 minutes. (Got to love no-pin costuming!) As I was hurrying back in the table, I ran into Rachel Brice and her girls---it was great seeing her----haven't seen her since before she left for the Lollapolooza/Belly Dance SuperStars tour. She introduced me to the other girls I didn't know (her students: "the Company") and we all ran off to get ready in various ways. She gave Keith the tour-tag from her luggage, which has a picture of all the Stars on it. Funny thing is, apparently as she was standing next to Keith, talking to him, someone came up to her and mistook her for me LOL (HI TEMPEST!!!). (it goes both ways...too funny) Anyway, my performance went pretty well (very short, a condensed 5 min version of PPD's 10 minute set), and Rachel said to me afterwards that she and the girls think we're all on the same page, and I should come up and take some of their company, I'm pondering that. I also liked the fact that several people commented on liking my really unique style. (I must be doing something right lol)

So now have to get focused for Desert Dance this coming weekend...
Although I know I have some projects to finish up, this week looks surprisingly hopeful for some extra time for art and creative projects....even with Desert Dance looming in this weekend...I'm pretty well-stocked on cards and magnets, with only a few to make more of, and just a couple more prints.. I also need to group the cards back into packs. At the previous Cafe Bellie I sold a bunch of packs....I didn't make any up this time, and just left them loose for people to chose, and they didn't move too well. I'm somewhat perplexed ---I guess people don't like too many choices?

Things to do:
-Solace Promo Package
-Lunatic Fringe Website -base page up
-Some Z stuff
-Some C.A. stuff
-process/mail more orders
-make chocolate cake (mmmmmm)
-send stuff to [ profile] annwynri

I'm wondering if I can swing getting some larger prints made up for this weekend....maybe if I list some art and cards on ebay this week I could manage--it looks like ebay is perking back up. It was great during late July/early August...then it really cooled down. Overall, I need to make a purchasing page on the MedDevi site and make it easier to find items and BUY them :)

so, off to go to do stuff..



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