Aug. 29th, 2003

So this is how Thursday went:
Got up, called my domain and server guys. A nice guy says, well let me email you the he emails it to me, and I'm looking at over...and I'm about to say, hey, you guys have a serious typo here, there's a "1" in front of all your regular prices, when I see in the preceeding paragraph the $100 charge for getting my site out of this mess. (Here is where I shit a brick). So, I try not to flip out, he says let me talk to my manager cause he's trying to justify the charge and I'm not buying it....comes back all cheery, "well, my manager will cut it down to $50 for you!" Mind you, this is still $50 additional to the renewal cost. Again, mild coniption, but he's sticking with's either I pay it, or wait 30 days until it's out of redempetion and just pay the renewal fee----meaning my site and business is down for a whole f'n month, and there's the chance a bigger slimeball (than the domain guys) will come along and buy it before I do, and try to sell it back to me at an even higher cost. So, I have to bite the bullet. How much do I get to charge them for my business damages???? BTW, they don't "do" snail mail anymore....what a load of crap---it's so you get whacked with the damn much for personal service. There's a letter going to someone out in CT shortly. I'm convinced (especially after the idiocy with Network Solutions over Paloma's site) that the whole domain registration thing is corrupt and full of piracy, and they sure as hell aren't as suave or good looking as Captain Jack Sparrow.

It's 9 something am. I get my arse in gear to go fax this damn thing back to the guys at Kinko's, while making some copies for this weekend, and also packed up the rest of my orders to send out, and then try take care of a few other errands. I get to Kinko's, take care of the faxing and the copying, and I go out to KamlVan. I look down and see a trail of lime green liquid. I get that sinking feeling because I'm pretty damn sure it wasn't there when I pulled up. I walk around to the front, look under, and yeap, there it is....drip...drip...drip from somewhere in the bowels of the Kaml. just GREAT! I call Del (dealer/mechanic guys) and he says, ok, you're going to need to add water, and then drive it down here, watching the temperature guage...if it goes over to hot, pull over, add more water, etc...etc.. OK. In this shopping plaza is also a Kragen, so I figure, let me get one of these guys out to help or guide me. The guy in the store tells me I need to wait at least an hour before adding water, that I need GALLONS of water, that I should maybe try this sealent stuff, and that I should add water when the "engine block is cool enough to touch." WTF!!!! Just what does that mean??? Meanwhile, the Kaml is still bleeding slowly, and I just say to myself, there's got to be still a good amount of fluid b/c it looks like this just started (and I was almost right, it started a bit the night before I discovered later) I drove it slowly down to Sunnyvale, and the temperature guage never made it even to the middle. Then I get there, pull up, and it's starting to drip quickly and pour. Good timing. Anyway, it's the water pump. So, I'm there from 11am to 6pm. I'll fill you in on that adventure later.

I finally make it home, and I had been able to reschedule one client's appt for 6:45, so I run out again for an hour reading, then head home to pick up Keith around 8:15pm, run a few errands until 9:45, go to Isabel's to pick up stuff for Saturday...leave there around 1:30 am.....we finally have a meal at Denny's sandwiched between some late highschool or early college kids (pretty bad when *I* feel old)...and then sleep.

So much for my productive day. And today I have to load the van, run errands, go do readings at the San Jose Book Shop, then we go to set up for tomorrow, and hopefully get some costume work done in there.

Prescription: Need more alcohol and chocolate.
So today was an improvement....

Had 5 readings in 4 hours at the book shop, this was good. No time to work on the costume, but I can combine others...

We went up to San Leandro for Keith to check out the crapola sound system and for me to set-up early. Got about 95% done, so not bad. Less stress tomorrow, so this is good.

About 1 minute down the road from leaving the Marina, we got pulled over. Cop was friendly, it was a headlight issue, no ticket. We invited him to the festival. This was good.

Get home, our domain server is back up. Email is up, site is up, life will go on. This is very good.

And tomorrow is the festival..... I'm dancing around 2pm. Technically 2:10, but last year I ended up going on early. Come visit...I'm in the center of the room with about 3 tables and two racks.....and if you come help me out for a might go home with goodies ;)



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