Aug. 11th, 2003

speaking of breaks, every time Tim mentions the group KitKa, I get hungry for a KitKat...cheesy, but true.

So what did we do this weekend? I don't remember Friday. Saturday we had slated for a quick visit to Adira's grand opening, Kevin Marshall's 50th B-day Party, then Mark invited us to something at his place. Well, I had to make a "main dish" for Kevin's thing, so I tried to make use of the plethora of oversized killer zucchinis and squash, so I made potato and zucchini latkes and battered and fried slices of both types of squash. This, and Keith taking care of business left us running a bit late, so we had to x-off Adira's thing. We didn't think we would be staying long at Kevin's, but then there was Tim and Tim and Sara and other cool ppls there, and they got a drumming and dancing circle happening in the backyard...Keith drummed and kicked arse, I danced for a while, and then it was late, and we head drums beating in our heads, so Mark had to get x-ed in favor of sleep.

Sunday we had set aside for a day of just us. Problem was, there was nothing going on in any of the places we had thought of going to. In our search, we discovered it was the last day of the Rennaissance Forest Faire, so after some debate (cause it's never cheap to go to a faire: $20 a pop to get in, food, and then pretty shiny things...), but we said what the hell and hauled arse to Novato. Now, Keith will need to post a discourse on the full history of the faires here and his involvement and knowledge of was my first California faire, and it was pretty cool :) The weather was fabulous, it was bigger than King Richard's Faire (Carver, MA), and better shows too :) AND who do we run into, but Dave there, all by himself, who we haven't seen in ages. So, more coolness because Dave is a very cool guy. The weird memory of the day: I walked into a shop that had fancy doublets...and I pointed one out that I thought was quite nice...Dave said that he actually was looking at it earlier and was thinking of getting it. Another woman came up to look at, and Dave got the notion he'd better get it before it was gone. I helped him get into it, and the woman said, "so you going to get that?" as we discussed the sizing. Dave said yes, and then she said something along the lines, sort of to the space between us instead of directly to us, about me being able to borrow it even when I got pregnant. (insert much blinking and eyebrow raising). Back at the Eye, people used to think Dave and I were siblings, because he used to have long dark brown curly hair, and he's Italian and wears glasses. Add that to the whole mix, it's just WEIRD.

On the not so weird side, but right next to we shouldn't be spending money side....after managing not to spend money except on food for most of the day, I got a beautiful pair of earrings that look like big full moons, made from hammered silver, for $15...they catch the light just right, and will be great for performances....and then, I saw this black and silver ghawazee-dress thing, called a "Salome dress" has long droopy sleeves, with slices up the side, and open arms on top....and I managed to get the gentleman to give it to me for a very good price (just cash, last day of faire, good combination). Still more money than we should have spent, but it looked great, and I've been dying for something like this!

Last notes on the faire: We caught Habhi Ru's (sp!) performance, which is always fun, and Tobias was there drumming for them, so we chatted a bit. It's sort of funny to see and hear John Compton play on stage with all his "wives", when he's uber-gay. Oh, and they have these frozen fruit ice things that are to die for...they freeze them in half-citrus shells.....mmmm..

OK, I think that's it. Keith will be sure to chime in if I forgot something :)



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