Aug. 5th, 2003


Aug. 5th, 2003 11:09 pm
Finished up some gift shopping today, going to be a miracle fitting everything in my bag ;)

So tonight, my parents went to a concert at the Music Pier and I opted to walk the Boardwalk in the meantime. It's so hard to believe how much has changed over the favorite shops as a kid are long gone...there are impossibly more pizza/boardwalk food places, t-shirt joints...even a place called "jersey girl." Yes, I lived here for 15 years, but I sure as hell don't want to be called a "jersey girl." On top of Playland, there used to be a huge rooftop stage, set in Egypt, where a mummy would come out and chase people. Now there's a pirate ship, but I doubt they do shows like that anymore. It's all gaudy, all geared towards family souvenier and the teeny bopper population. Now, being a business woman, I can understand the need to cater, but I'm nostalgic for how it used to be (sticker stores, jelly bracelets, charms, jelly shoes, less fancy stuff...). I found one little store that had music playing from the Breakfast Club, and then he changed over to the Grateful Dead. I thanked the guy for the only 5 minutes of quality listening on the boards. I visited the space that used to be a store I worked at. Now the sea-grey walls have been sponge-painted cranberry, the floor recarpeted in leopard, and there was a guy straight from "my cousin vinny" (and yes, his name was vinny) telling me it was a shame I hadn't gotten there sooner, that he had just sold a gold lame bag that would go perfect with my "look." *snort* I had to restrain myself from asking if he was for real. The sad thing is, I don't think it was an act.

I solved the mystery of the "butt" shorts. They're really short shorts with little sayings going right across the bum. You can have anything pretty much, laminated on your ass. Lovely.

I watched hundreds of people walk by....families with young brats, bunches of mid-teens. The over 20-30 something population is distinctly missing from Ocean City...this is probably b/c it is a "dry town" (save for my mother's liquor closet...). It doesn't surprise me, for as long as I have been coming to OC with my family, I've never had real peers. They've either been younger or older (and we're talking over a 2-3 year difference), and the coolest ones usually were only around for a week. Why should it be any different now? I didn't hang out with friends as a young teen on the boards, nor did I go club-diving around the islands later on. My brothers somehow lucked out. Not sure why I got dealt a different hand. I do know, sitting there tonight, that I might as well be another species. I can't find happiness spending money on junk food, overpriced rides, and fighting to look at stuff because there's too many people. I can't relax and do nothing at the beach. I know my dad can't either, which is why he lives for volleyball. I realized today too, that my parents have very few friends in their age-group as well. Everyone at the pool today was older than them, and the majority of people at the concert were as well. I worry about this.

Enough of that...on the other side of things, I made a short list of expressions my parents commonly say:
-Go pound sand. (mom)
-Shit and two is eight (mom)
-To the moon alice (dad)
-Can't take (you) anywhere (dad)

I could probably type a dozen of 'em.

It's good bread :)

Tomorrow, I'm heading home. I've got a list of phone calls to make concerning notecards and artwork (Dalia finally called today! too late!), and I'm finally booting a client as well b/c I'm sick of her piss-poor rude attitude and it's not worth the money.

I miss my keithers. I miss da mischief. She's been sleeping on my side of the bed, so I'm betting she's going to be pretty pissed when I get home :) But I really love that she's a cat and not a screaming human brat.




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