Aug. 4th, 2003

So, on Sunday I managed to fry the tender area between my boobs, and just underneath...I look like one of those red and white striped peppermints across my chest and Keith will laugh himself silly. It hurts and itches at the same time. Bastard overcast days.

I've been plowing through books. I finished "the secret life of bees" (mary let me borrow it, I bought it for her for her b-day), and then at the beach, my mom was reading "the lovely bones"..I picked it up when she went to talk to someone, and finished it last night. (subtly, you should be getting the feeling that there is nothing to do here...)

My brother Stephen and his wife showed up today with their two kids. Cute kids. I love our cat. They invited me to go up to the Boards to Playland...nothanks...what's worse? A bunch of hyper kids, or their parents? Tried to get the 'rents to go see a movie, but mom wasn't feeling too good...went out to go rent a movie (thinking I'll pick up Saving Grace, mom will get a kick out of it), but I couldn't find it and dad picked up "about schmidt". Honey, we don't need to see it. Trust me on this. We just need to change our last name.

So, that's about biggest focus is not to be woken up at 6am by my neice.

Oh, and Sara-fina, we need to talk. Don't go hiding.



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