Apr. 19th, 2010

I've decided to do another run of Nouveau Noir merch - same design - the white and black drawing on charcoal grey shirts. I will be doing:

-zippered hoodies (decent weight, not the super-thin ones), S-XL (might be able to get XXL if folks are interested)
-spaghetti tank: S-XL
-ribbed (wide strap) tank: S-XXL
-fitted tee's, S-XXL

I could do a few men's tee's, but those would have be requested/pre-ordered.

Hoodies would be $40, tanks and tee's $20. You can pick up at Spring Caravan, Tribal Fest, or ship for $5 domestic. (slightly more international)

I need to place the order probably by Wednesday so I can get part of them back for Spring Caravan, so if you'd like to order something specific, if you could let me know what item and what size, that would help me a lot. No need to pay for it right this moment, but if I'm only ordering a dozen hoodies, 3 of each size, and 4 people all want L in a pre-order, that would change things....so please, LMK what your heart desires, if you sincerely want one.

Artwork at http://www.darklydramatic.com/nntee.html - DO NOT USE THE BUTTONS, it's an old page!!! Thanks :)
Pre-Orders for Nouveau Noir hoodies, and another run of fitted tees,tanks available - if you'd like a men's shirt, please LMK ASAP, as I amplacing the order on Wednesday.  You can pick up at Spring Caravan,Tribal Fest, or I will ship to anywhere! These go fast, so place yourorder now to insure your size and style!http://darklydramatic.com/nntee.html

(and for those of you who can't place the order right this minute or tomorrow, but know you can/will in the next two weeks - by Spring Caravan or TF10, then please write me and let me know what style/size you want, and I will put one aside for you - but I need to know this ASAP!)



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