Dec. 15th, 2003

And warm! Winter, for California in the Bay Area, is like a mask that Mother Nature keeps trying to put on, but then laughs and says "who am I kidding!" and she giggles along her way. I got all bundled up to go out to the KamlVan, and I walk outside, and it's at least 65 degrees and a clear blue sunny sky.

Last night was another Cafe Bellie. I have this following of interesting older women who come up to me every time and go "great! you're here! are you dancing tonight?!" Luna likes to rotate dancers/troupes, so in about 5-6 shows, I've performed twice...maybe I'll think about the March 14th one....then again, Desert Sin is doing a theatrical show down in LA, and if we have the means, it would be so great to go see!

Anyway, Anaar did a great performance --can't way to get working with her for our Tribal Fest duet! The other performance I really enjoyed was Janelle, who I don't have any other info on, except someone said she's from Santa Cruz and she's got really long long brown hair and a great simple style of dancing. Luna and her troupe did a spoof on Chicago's "Mama" song (pretty funny). Actually, a stripping/burlesque thing seemed to be the theme of the evening....the first dancer pulled her veil out of her buxom troupe stripped off their gauntlets one by one, then hiked up their skirts to reveal shiny garters. Another dancer was doing a gypsy thing with revealing the legs (she had cute bloomer pants on), but there wasn't enough skirt to give it the right effect I think. And then there was the dancer who had this costume with a giant Yoni right over, well, her yoni. (I think she was totally oblivious on this one). Totally all un-related, but it sure stuck in my head that way, and you know I'm not a prude. Oh, another dancer, in the un-related theme catagory, was a lovely vision in gold and mint, from the Walnut Creek/Concord area was Khalida. She had a lovely dance.

The night was good for shopping! (yay for us and bills to be paid!) And there were some nice and cool people there :) Overall, an interesting evening!



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