Dec. 10th, 2003

So, I'm feeling like this little private party is happening in my journal in my last post LOL. I'll just serve the drinks and cake...

Class was good tonight. For as much as I mentally beat on myself about dancing (and some of it is definitely deserved), I was thinking as I drove home, how far I've come in just 3 years. With absolutely zilch prior music or dance training. It always cracks me up when Azar says "nope, you're doing that like a Jazz move." or something like that. (No, I'm just doing it WRONG lol! No, I'm not doing it Tribal style, I'm doing "I'm thinking so hard about what my body is doing I'm going opposite of the music with my hips). I don't play my zills much, except in class and air zills when I'm listening to something, and tonight we were jamming right along, dancing and zilling full Baladi, and it was good. Last week when we focused on zill drills and 5 different patterns, I didn't have any problems. So, if I actually worked it into a decent practice, who knows? Thanks to Azar, I really understand the music and the phrasing. I feel confident that I could step on stage with a band or CD I don't know and dance without issues. I could really see too that my upper body posture has really improved as well---now if I can just hold it all together AND relax at the same time so I don't lose it LOL.

And can I just say again that Azar is a personal goddess...besides my Mom at certain points in my life, I cant think of another woman/person who I was in awe of, feared, respected, and adored, all in one package, as much as I do Azar. (I don't fear my Mom now...err, not much anyway.) "Excuse me Azar, I just wanted verify that it was this bridge, over this river, facing this direction you wanted me to jump off of? Alrighty!"
Here's my line-up for December so far:

-Friday, December 12th, 6-9pm, Tempest will perform at Faith's Holiday Party andWinter Arts Opening Reception in San Francisco--six of Tempest's artworks will also be exhibited in the show! Faith is a lovely new store and gallery located near Haight & Ashbury at 1925 Hayes Street. More info:

-Saturday, December 20th, Tempest performs Gothic Belly Dance @ PAC Session, @ THE TEMPLE LOUNGE, 52 South First St,Downtown San Jose, 8:00 pm - 2:00 am (Tempest is scheduled to dance at 11pm), 21+ w/ID --Pacific Art Collective (PAC) was developed to highlight cultures and all artistic genres equally; molding them into one positive and experimental collective. PAC session is a bi-weekly, cultural, multi-media art exposure event that functions as a catalyst for Bay Area artists, the Sponsors, and participating Venues. More info:

And MedDevi Ink will be at Cafe Bellie this Sunday with our usual selection of pretty shiny things. and
You can tell I'm really bored, but not tired enough when I start checking google results and links....

but the Gothic Belly Dance Resource is now up to SECOND in the results list! (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th) when you search for "gothic belly dance"!

How cool is that???

Y'all rock :)



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