Aug. 26th, 2003

There's a plot for Bay Area Californians to have high cholesterol....and it's happening right at your local supermarket. You can get 18 eggs (yes, 1/2 more than a dozen), for 3.19...and what's worse, is that they're buy one, get one free. And no, you can't just buy the one and get maybe half off....they MAKE you get TWO. So for less than a dollar more than we would pay for 12 eggs, we have 36 eggs. Of course, we have a refrigerator that's slightly larger than a 4 slice toaster, so one whole shelf is eggs.....I'm feeling like we're overrun with eggs and giant zucchini and monster squash. Not that I care about cholesterol b/c I apparently take after my father rather than my mother, and Keith has really low cholesterol too...but DAMN that's a lot of eggs.

Today, Keith lost about 5 hours of his life at the doctors, while I broke out the watercolors, paper, etc, to get work done on a bookcover for Z, and actually more bookstuff for CA, and I sprinkled in a few "wiggle dancers" in between the other ones drying. So I feel somewhat productive.

Then I headed down to SJ to do a reading for Isabel...and I got to see the new designs in person...the cotton on the new tie-dye stuff is sooooo soft, it's super high quality, and the colors are even prettier in person!!! And then I hauled arse to the SJ book shop for my there a few minutes late, which was fine cause the BAPA meeting was letting out, so I met some of them nice folk....and I had a revelation: Keith grounds me. When he's not around and I deal with people on my own, 8 times out of 10, I'm flying at 80 mph, and feel like a flippant flake. When Keith's around, I'm much more mellow, less spazzy. But is this my perception, or do I really come off as a spazz? (tell me this!!!!)....anyway, that deep revelation aside, only one student showed up (more late than me), and on the upside, he actually really wanted a reading...and it's a good thing I did the reading earlier for Isabel, b/c I rarely have my cards with me! And then Michael placed an order for some Pagan notecards and prints, so this is good.

That's about where things are at. I have a zillion things to do to get ready for this weekend's festival: Tatseena's Fantasy Festival. If you're IN or NEAR the Bay Area (I'd say even within 4-5 hours), come to this show!!!! This is the second year, and the first year was a great hit! more details: --and yours truly will be rakking out to gothy music around 2pm ;) SO COME DAMMIT! thank you ;)



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