Aug. 18th, 2003

When I was a little girl and was driving with my Grandfather, we would go down ramps off the freeway and certain roads, and I'm not sure who started it, but we always said something akin to "another sliding board road!" Well, if you have ever been to Philly, you'll know it's about as flat as a pancake. Nowhere as "fun" as the roads in SF, which we have spent more time on in the last two days than I care to think about it. But the same little phrase comes to mind every time.

And the KamlVan is way too tall to fit in the cheap parking garage at Fisherman's Wharf. Only if we want a Konvertable Kaml.

So, today we were running around looking at studios Khris had found online to shoot videos in for various projects. Wasn't really impressed with most of them, way too noisy anyway...but we were back again down at Valencia, so Keith suggested we show Khris MultiKulti (shiny things). And there's Reda Darwish, back from Texas. Well, it was a damn lucky guess, considering it was his shop, and he looks like his pictures ;) So I asked him about his trip, which threw him offguard (how did you know about that? Err...cause it's advertised in all the belly dance mags and stuff? cause Azar went? He sat next to her BTW---I said, now she's HOT isn't she, and he grinned. hehheheh...) anyway, nice guy :) Told him we'll see him at Tatseena's gig, and this poor guy probably spent the rest of the day going, now who the hell was that? LOL

And we ran into Lynette (of the Gilded Serpent) at Lark. LOL. She's like, you guys look familiar...we say ditto...small belly dance world. She hands Khris her card, and it's like duh! Well, I'm pisspoor for recognizing people out of their normal context anyway ;) She recognized Keith first... Everyone usually recognizes Keith, mainly b/c there are few real straight guys at belly dance events who actually show interest in the dance, and he's got a distinct look with his sunglasses, bell, and cane. Khris introduced herself, I said hi and reminded her of my name, and she's like, oh yeah..YOU. LOL. Is that good or bad?

Overall, it was a very long day, and I'm not sure what we accomplished, but I know SF even better now....sorta.



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