Jun. 11th, 2003

Here's what I posted on bhuz.com about Cairo Carnivale:

(changed on 9.12.03 to save everyone's page space)...bhuz link is here, username rosehips: http://bhuz.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=151

What's missing from that monologue was why everything was so crazy. Basically, Friday morning, we get up and prepare to leave for CC, and Jeff has finally begun his journey with the RV. (Noting that up until that point, he had been staying at the house, living in the RV for over two weeks...) So, it was great to see the RV gone, and Mary had her driveway back. Yay.

We begin our journey down 101, and we're pretty happy for about 2-3 hours. Then we get a relayed phonecall that Jeff is broken down somewhere near Bakersfield and is trying to get the RV towed to a service station. This is not good, and there's zip we can do about it. Not long after this, we go to switch over to the rear tank (the KamlVan has two tanks), and it doesn't read the back tank. So there's a full tank of gas, $25 worth, we can't get at. We get ahold of Eric, our dealer guy, and he says he'll take care of it when we get back if Ryan can't. So, that's good. We move along somewhat at ease, and hit traffic around 1000 Oaks, and get to CC 1 hour later than planned. Same as above, but I go to check my phone/turn it on (or something) as we hit IHOP and Jeff calls with more calamity....he brought it to a shop, 10 minutes after leaving, it broke down again. I told him that the only advice I had to offer was to haul it back and yell at them, making sure they fix it. I'm tired, I'm stressed, and again, nothing we can physically do about it. The woman at the hotel was an asswipe, and couldn't get off the whole senior citizen discount thing. OK, I'm going to be *25* on Friday, I still get carded----do I look like a dumbass? Plus I had the paperwork right there saying that the room was reserved as business rate. Keith came in at this point, and layed it on the line, we got our room, and headed it up. It sucked, but we were tired.

Woke up Saturday feeling uneasy, and I kept my phone OFF (the battery was down to one bar anyway). We're both stressed, the LA energy was severely getting to us, set-up took way too long, and I had no time to mentally prepare for my performance. Getting off the stage and knowing that I just performed probably one of my most mediocre public performances at a big venue --and we had it on tape---didn't add to how I was feeling. Realistically looking at it, considering how the last few weeks have been, it really just makes sense---I had no energy, I had no time to do anything to pull in energy (metaphysically), so it just couldn't happen. A car can't run without gas, and you can't have fire in your dance if you don't have a spark to start with. What I mean to there being an upside to this, is realizing what I need to do in order to more consistently achieve what I want and need to have a stellar performance. It's a combination of working out (because yes, I'm thin, but I'm not muscularly in-shape, thanks to doing readings for the last 1.5 years...not exactly good exercise), and metaphysically aligning myself beforehand.

Anyway, past the Gypsy Sugar fiasco with the asshole...I turn on my phone, and there's 5 messages. Two from Jeff, one from Khris, one from a client, and one from Val. Jeff basically said that he was thinking of towing the RV back to Los Altos---which made both of us go---WTF!!! The number we had for him didn't work...And Keith said, you have to call Mary...I said, what am I going to say to Mary? Stand in your driveway? But we call Mary, and Mary already knows all about it, because Jeff showed up with the RV earlier that afternoon. (insert more insanities and freaking out). Mary is the eternal optomist, and was more concerned about us, than the RV being back in her driveway...so after talking to her for a bit, we felt a lot better (she made us laugh...can we elect Mary as a saint or goddess? Cause she qualifies..) So, Jeff is apparently hitchhiking back to Texas. That's about all we know.

So, overall, the festival was good financially for us, but certainly not a break. We have the Health and Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa this weekend, and we're apparently staying at the Isis Sanctuary. This will be interesting. I'll post more details shortly.

I've got several websites to work on (Z's, Azar's, Zorina's---do we see a Z theme here?), Mark's cards to do, notecards to make for Paloma, get together artwork for this weekend, and start playing around with some new concepts for printed artwork on stuff for We3 (very cool). And make some sort of plans for my birthday.

So, that's about it....it's been one, long, strange trip...and I don't remember buying the ticket for it either..



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