May. 22nd, 2003

Here are my expanded notes on TF3:

"Keith and I got home from Sebastopol around 12:30am Sunday night/Monday morning (we stopped to get food in Petaluma
in this great little diner called Pete's Henny's across from Denny's...go there instead
if you want good food and service on your way home or up if you're coming from the south...), and
what a weekend!

We vended in the Russian Room (the side room) with my artwork, our regular music of great local
music (MedDevi Ink), Crescent Magazine, and the tribal contigent of We3bellydance's stuff (include
the brand-new and improved 22 yard ultimate skirts...droool), so we didn't get to see as much of the
performances, but we did catch some great dancing and got a bit of time to check out all the other
wares. We had the pleasure of sharing our space with Jeremiah Soto (the man behind Solace)---and I
must say, you all need to check out the newly released "Kabila" cd---it's simply incredible!
( The best part of all this was that the Russian Room
seemed like live music central, as Gypsy Caravan was also in the RR, and Tim Rayborn (featured on
Kabila btw) and Tim Bolling (a living, walking drum..) came by to visit, and there was spontaneous
music throughout the weekend sounding in the room!

Got to meet and put faces and voices to many names on these lists, and see some old friends too!
(Roya! Sharon! Peregrine! soooo many more!!!)

Made some notes on tribal attire (just going to note what I saw without commentz): noticed a big
move towards flowers (and not just little blossoms) in the hair, as well as all sorts of fake hair,
funky hair, and odds and ends. A lot of bright colors (a distinct movement away from black/black as
a base in many troupes --err, except for me, who was Miss Neutral Tones lol) and alternative types
of "tassel" belts, including chain fringe, leather, wool dreads, and more...Urban Tribal Dance from
San Diego had chain mail hip belts, and flare pants with hip fringe. Romani featured latex/vinyl
bras and hipwraps with bright colored tassels, and then metallic-brocade harem pants, with
rapper-ski-cap type hats. Kathy (the harem pants lady) said she noticed a movement towards even
bigger turbans (so I guess it's big, bright hair or big, bright turbans), particularly with FCBD.
Saw some interesting long cholis made from Indian Saris and tapestries (not sure which troupe).

I made two sizeable purchases/trades: a pair of matte cowrie with peacock feathers and dyed wool
extensions for the hair from Urban Tribal Dance Company (I need to find the card), and a beautiful
hip-shawl from The Tribal Source (from NJ! birthplace of me) that has gorgeous wool threads on it in
orange and sap green.

I'll have pix of the new purchases and hopefully some stills from my performance soon on my
website. There was a slight tragedy with the video of my performance---we only have the first 3.5
minutes, the rest got taped over :( (So if anyone has pix, I'd greatly appreciate it!).

I didn't get to see all of the dancing, just snippets here and there, maybe 20-25 performances total, so I'm sure I missed some good ones...After watching the videos we captured, I would have to say Yaleil did it best for me. Yes, they're more triberat than tribal, but they KNOW how to perform: they're talented, precise, and know how to keep your attention without boring you to death----all too often, I find that I'm losing interest in most basic tribal groups after 3-5 minutes. I also really enjoyed Haruspicy's performance, and what I caught of Sharon's troupe (Raq's al-Hamra). I would have to say energy seemed a little low all together when I looked at the videos. I liked the look and feel of Urban Tribal Dance Company, but something seemed missing, but even with that, I would have to put them over most. I really wasn't impressed with Romani this year. Then again, hip-hop/rap really just irks me to the point of danger.

When I look at other dancers, I'm looking for inspiration--I'm looking for something that expresses a clear thought or story, works with the music to the point of being the music (rather than just dancing to the music), I'm looking for the dancers to just emanate that they're there, in that moment of time. I want to be able to say "I want more, that was over too quickly!" at the end. Technique is important, but I shouldn't have to be thinking about it as I'm watching.

So, those are some thoughts from TF3."

In other news, we got our new van: "The Camel Van" --yesterday!!!! Wooohoooo! Yay!! WOOHOOO! Pix coming soon ;)

Otherwise, I'm stressed and overloaded (yet again). All of a sudden, I have several website projects, a shitload of Crescent stuff (we're going to press soon), stuff to do for our personal business....and did I mention that Tuesday seemed to be client-freak-out day? supposed to go up to Pacifica today to work on CM, but I'm not sure how that's going to happen at the moment...maybe tomorrow, though I'm sure Khris will be peeved. Though I can do a lot of work from here....

bleh. So put a fork in me, I'm done.



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