May. 8th, 2003

*le sigh*

May. 8th, 2003 12:10 am
So, Wednesdays as of late are batting a big zero in my book...granted, it wasn't as bad as last week (8 hours at Valley ER with Keith), but it sure had its sucky moments today...

I had one of those days where I break things.....the little bat fell off my computer and broke in 2 pieces (he ceremonially --at one time--- marked the place in our providence apt where a real bat decided to take up residence)...I glued him.....then, rushing to get things ready for work and class after the photoshoot with Khris, the big alabaster, carved turban shell my dad brought me back from one of his business trips (many many years ago) got caught and fell to the floor, breaking and splintering....I will attempt glue when my hormone levels are closer to normal. I just knew it was going to go today, but I still want to turn back the clock...out of all the stuff my dad has ever given me, that seashell always stood out the most in my's abnormally huge, even for a green turban, and is carved with chinese-style horses all over. There's a little image of it in my digital graphix for "Water". I hauled it outside for the shoot, but had Khris hold the abalone instead...anyway...enough misery over that.

On the upside, the photoshoot went very well....I just went through and labeled 148 digital pix of Khris in various states of tribal attire, all mostly head shots, for artwork to create for TF3, which is next weekend (yipe).

That's about it.



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