May. 2nd, 2003

So, Happy Beltaine....a few minutes past the fact, or a day past the fact if you're a Walpurgis Nacht type-o-Pagan.

Yesterday was apparently a hellish day for many, us not discluded from it....Starting Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Keith had an asthma attack (it's been a while since he's had a particularly bad one, but he has all the tools at home to manage it)...and then an hour or so later, started to become violently sick, and this carried on from 4am-8:30am, when I hauled him off to the ER. He spent nearly 12 hours in the ER (for once, we didn't have to wait eons outside, they moved him in very quickly), and the worst of it seems to have been food poisoning...though the weird thing was I ate some of what he had for dinner, and I was fine (well, I did have an upset stomach from being up all night and having to hear him vomit again and again....and again...). More appointments to come..

Poor poor boy...nobody should have to get sick like was rreeeeeaaaaaaaalllly bad...I didn't even dare cooking food in the house last night after we brought him home...even mentioning the word "food" wasn't a good idea.

But he's home, getting rest, fluids, and trying to relax....still could use some healing energy, so if you got some, send it this way, it's greatly appreciated.

Now, I'm going to sleep....saw many client tonight, to make up for canceling yesterday...



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