Apr. 15th, 2003

Now, it's technically 21 minutes into Tuesday, so a perfect time to recap this weekend's events.

If you don't know, it's been rainy and cold here in the Bay Area (basically, a rerun of winter, yeap, 60 degrees and wet means winter here...hahahaha!)...so no horsebackriding for me and Khris on Saturday...instead Keith and I did laundry (yay ;P), and then we got home, and I dashed into the shower to get ready for the Tori Amos concert...this was my 3rd ever Tori concert, and it was pretty great...she really knows how to work with energy and to put on a fabulous show.

All the crappy weather reminded me of my 20th birthday. It was the first time it had ever rained on my birthday (rain in June is unlikely for the East Coast actually)...Khris had just left the week before to return home to California (post-graduation), and Keith had to work. So, there's sappy me, it's raining, no money, no friends, nada nothing zip. I got the idea I could sell some CDs to buy a new(to me) Tori CD. I walked down to Thayer Street (about 6 blocks) in the rain, with just Keith's old trenchcoat to try to unload CDs for cash. I found a Tori, but the guys didn't want my CD's, or the trade-in was less, or something (2-3 stores)....so I walked home (still in the rain), dejected....I decided to keep walking past our apartment down the way to Wickendon Street, where I knew of another used music store....again, found a Tori CD (Under the Pink), and I tried to bargain with the guy, but he really wasn't interested initially. I guess I looked extra pathetic and on the verge of something hysterical, because he ending up taking my crappy CDs in exchange...and I spent the rest of the evening with Tori. Sad, sappy store, but true. I didn't "get" Tori back in high school...but that year, it all made sense.

I really wish I could go back in time (or somejunk), and attend more concerts where it was just Tori and the piano....her voice and her playing is so magickal, that I think it's a crime to add so much other stuff to it. They were messing around with an echo on her voice on Saturday, and it was really starting to peeve me. Her voice alone is powerful enough!

Krystal and I waited out by the barracade to see if Tori was going to come out after the concert...finally she came out, but it started to rain, and so she waved and headed onto the bus. Dissappointing, especially since we had a spot up front that was a sure-bet. *sigh*

Anyway, enough Tori...

Sunday's highlights including Keith and I heading down to Santa Cruz...we were going to go as far as Carmel or Monterey, but the weather was so iffy, it would have really pissed us off to have driven all the way down, and gotten rained on....so of course, it was perfectly pleasant and sunny in Santa Cruz with all the hippie folk. We picked up a beautiful Sarasvati miniatures statue at Herland (awesome little lesbian-arts-type store), some gifts for family and friends, and we'll head back soon. It got me inspired enough to start pitching the artwork again ;)

Monday was all together weird. The day started out slow, and then everyone and their dog wanted a reading...crisis after crisis, after crisis....whew!

And then we finished up the day with some more delicious Pho and good wine ;) Ahhhh!



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