The Durga Tour has been on the road since May 1st, hitting over 30 stops across
the US, from Spring Caravan to Tribal Fest, from Ft. Smith, Arkansas to Seattle,
Washington - and finishes this week with Boston, MA on Monday and in Pawtucket,
RI on Tuesday!

Monday night features two incredible workshops with the lead Durga Tour dance
instructors - Tempest and Asharah - June 15th, from 6-9:15pm - hosted by
Badriya. Topics are "Dancing on the Right Side of the Brain" which combines
creativity with technique, improving theatrical skills, cohesive story-telling,
and being more spontaneous in your dance, and "Pops, Locks and Tick Tocks:
Tricks to Mechanize Your Movement" - expanding upon traditional moves with
tricky twists!

Location: 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Studio 109, Boston, MA (Boston University's
College of Fine Arts)Boston University West stop on the B Branch of the Green
Line, Street parking available
Complete details at

Tuesday night brings to New England a breakthrough event, bridging cultures and
community: Motif.
What: Motif: A Community Event Blending Music, Dance, & Ritual
When: 7pm, Tuesday 16th (2 hours long).
Where: World Dance & Music Center, 925 Central Ave, 2nd floor, Pawtucket, RI

Motif started off as an experimental gathering, spearheaded by dancers Tempest
(founder of the Cauldron of Annwyn Pagan Society of RI which was active from
1998-2001) and Lee Ali, with musicians Karim Nagi and Tim Rayborn at Tribal Fest
8. It was created with the intent to bring the bellydance community back closer
to the roots of Middle Eastern dance and music - educating while actively
involving and immersing the participants in a community experience.

The attendees will learn dance, rhythm, and trance techniques, as well as
working with other dancers/musicians in a live setting, and understanding
working with energy and fostering community. It was such a success that it has
become an annual event at Tribal Fest, and is now a part of Gothla US, and has
traveled across the US with the Durga Tour.

Attendees can expect to learn dance movements and rhythms that have folkloric
roots, and gain skills to help both build community and personal confidence.

Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments, and dancers, bring their
moves! This event will be led by Tempest, Asharah, and Tim Rayborn.

Price is an unbelievable bargain at $20, for this fabulous 2 hour event with 3
instructors! The organizers kindly request that you rsvp in order to secure your

Info about the event (and RSVP) at

About the Durga Tour:
Both are things that are on the horizon ;) We've been on the road now since May 1st, and the end of the Durga Tour draws near! It's been a fantastic journey, and I am so thrilled about the great experiences we've had, meeting folks, connecting with friends, and sharing the art! And we have 3 stops left!

June 13th - Saturday is Buffalo, NY - which is our ONLY NY stop - and features 3 workshops with myself, Asharah, and Tim Rayborn, and a salon show in the evening! Planning some special surprises in the evening, including a taste of Motif to foster community and good vibes, and it's somebody's birthday too. Come celebrate with us!

June 15th - Monday is Boston, NY - with workshops with myself and Asharah, hosted by Badriya! (more B's!) The first time Boston gets to meet Asharah - and my 3rd workshop in B-town!

Then Tuesday is our last stop, with Motif in Pawtucket, RI - Motif has really made an impact across the country, with rave reviews, and we're so thrilled to make our last stop a Motif-only stop. And the B-word for this stop is Beginnings, as Rhode Island is our new home!

All event details can be found at

See you there!
Pre-orders for Merch is UP!! Featuring all new artwork for the 2009 tour on the front, and list of stops/sponsors on the back:

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND pre-ordering your size and style NOW to insure to get what you desire! Pre-orders close on 4/26 - and we will be carrying a VERY limited amount of back-stock. Your order will be ready for you to pick up at your indicated stop!

I'll be here, vending and performing this weekend:

A Bellydance Jam!
Sponsored by Hips of the Desert & Mystic Wiles
Saturday March 14th - 8pm to Midnight
Hope United Methodist Church (activity center)
700 Cooper Road, Voorhees, NJ

Open dancing & performances
all dance levels welcome
vendors welcome
pot lick, BYODrink (no alcohol please)
bring shoes for dancing

$5 per person

to perform or vend, call Michele, 609.707.3435
It's ON! Less than 50 shirts will be produced for this edition, and XXL sizes are by pre-order only - and so are ALL men's shirts!

To insure your size and style, I need pre-order info by Monday, 10 am EST.

If you really want a tee, but won't be able to send money via PayPal by Monday morning, please email me.

Go here!

Just a notice - if you're planning on doing Thanksgothing, and haven't registered yet, I highly recommend doing so ASAP online (or contacting me if you need to send a check/MO) - I have a few performance slots left, and just a few spots in the workshops left!

Since I'm heading back out to Cali for Tribal Fusion Faire (,I generally like to place an order with my silkscreener who's outthere, so I can keep the costs down on shipping and such. A lot offolks have asked about the "Vamp" design, which has been out of stockfor quite a while, so I'm looking into doing another small batch oftank tops and fitted tees. I can also do men's shirts, if they'repre-ordered. Shirts would be $20 + s/h (or if you'll be at TFF, you canpick 'em up there). If there's enough interest in pre-orders, I'll doit - just email (tempest-at-meddevi-dot-com) or msg me with your size,style preference, and location.

If you're not familiar with the "Vamp" design, here it is:


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:12 pm
amazing. fabulous. groundbreaking. inspiring.

Everything that 4 years ago was not. 4 years ago, the day after, the sun rose through rain on the Bay Area in a literal state of mourning. People moved around looking confused and shell-shocked. I remember how miserable that day was.

I can hardly believe it has happened - we have reached the other end of the spectrum.

It's not about expecting miracles to happen, it's about a new direction, a new outlook.

Blessed be.
November 29th in Cape May, NJ -

**4 hours of fusion bellydance workshops + a gothla in the evening!**

"Once More, with FEELING!" presented to you by awesome fusionista, Aradia of Zingari East (trust me, you're going to be hearing and seeing a lot more of this woman, don't miss it!)

and the special east coast trial run of:
"Adventures in Steampunk" with Tempest (that's me) - come join in on a dark and delightful experiment!

Special price for both workshops: $50 (yes, that's for BOTH of 'em!) by November 15th - $60 after, if there's space left! And then afterwards, perform in a beautiful, historic and haunted venue!

What better way to escape the inlaws (and the permanent attachments), then with some fun and fabulous workshops and a gothla in a great venue? Thank GOTH we came up with this!

Complete details including descriptions, bios, sign-up details, and registration at
If Thanksgothing were to take place on November 29th (the Saturday after thanksgiving), and featured 4 hours of workshops - at least 2 of them with me and maybe a guest instructor - all new material, and a gothla afterwards - in Cape May, NJ - with the workshop package being between $45-$65 (4 hours total), who's game for it?

I have people asking, but I'd like to hear some definite yes or no's from people in the area/near the area/could be visiting in the area before I go ahead and figure it out.

Thank you :)
FRIDAY - October 17th - Rakkasah East - Somerset, NJ- Tempest performs a total improv, totally live set with Carmine's band Djinn at Rakkasah East - approximately 9:30pm - Tempest can also be found at Geisha Moth's booth by the entrance - but ONLY on Friday evening! Some couture goodies will be available - but again, ONLY on FRIDAY!

SUNDAY - October 19th - Raks Spooki - Arlington, MA - Tempest is thrilled and honored to be teaching at the third annual Raks Spooki - don't miss her most fabulous and fun workshop yet - "Nouveau Noir Dance" - turn of the century influences with a dash of darkness! Plus stay for the Raks Spooki performance event afterwards featuring performers from around New England!
October 4th, 2008: The South Jersey Pagan Pride Event
Cherry Hill, NJ

Join us for a beautiful day by the lake, full of workshops, performances, vending, and community networking!

Tempest performs a ritual dance piece at 12pm
At 2pm, join in on a free mini-workshop on how to enhance your ritual practice with dance!

Plus shop at the Med'Devi Ink tent, featuring original artwork and prints, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, and more!
more <a href=">


Presenting the Endless Summer Jersey Shore Intensive for Fusion Bellydance - and Hipnotique - Evening of Bellydance Show! August 23rd in Cape May, NJ featuring Tempest and guest instructor Asharah from Washington, D.C. - Class size is limited, so be sure to register early to secure your spot. For complete details, including workshop descriptions, instructor bios, early registration discount, and information about signing up to perform in Hipnotique - visit the website for more info:

(or technically, when I get into work tomorrowmorning and change the website) don't miss out on the savings forthese wicked good workshops ;)))

Go. Now. Register. You know you want to.
Tempest (Gothic Bellydance) and Aradia (Zingari East) are teaming up to bring New England another day of workshops focusing on the art of Fusion Bellydance on Saturday July 5th, from 10am-2:30pm at The Spot on Thayer in Providence, RI. Whether you're new to the concept fusion, want to explore what it's all about and the possibilities within, or wish to become a stronger, more effective performer, you'll find these 4 hours of workshops both fun and challenging.

For complete details, including workshop descriptions, instructor bios, and the early registration discount, visit the website for more info:

flyer under cut )
Aradia of Zingari East and Tempest are teaming up again to bring Providence, RI another dynamic set of workshop offerings for the fusion bellydance performer (and those wanting to learn more about fusion and performance technique!)

What: Midsummer Mayhem, 4 hours of workshops with Tempest & Aradia
When: July 5th, 10am-2:30pm
Where: The Spot on Thayer, Providence, RI
How Much: Only $48 for both workshops until 6.25, $60 after
Descriptions & How to sign up:
If you're coming to Hipnotique (performing, watching, heckling..), once again, I HIGHLY recommend making reservations!

Will has reported me that they were packed last weekend, and are expecting an even bigger crowd this weekend. So if you've got family/friends coming to see you dance, tell them to call Cabanas and make reservations! The show is from 6-8pm!
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