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I'm very proud to announce that fellow RISD alum and assistant director of Ultra Gypsy, Rose Harden, will be teaching a workshop intensive here in Providence on August 8th. Complete details and PayPal registration at http://darklydramatic.com/tempest/rose.html

A Fusion Bellydance Intensive With Rose Harden
*-* August 8th, 2009 in Providence, RI *-*
*/*Workshop Descriptions (2 hours each):*

*/11:30am - 1:30pm: Super Duper Slow/*
Working your slow to limit! we will cover a brief warm up focused on
lengthening muscles and opening major joints to develop range of motion.
Emphasis will be on deepening technique, embodying the music, and
finding shapes and lines with a sculptural approach to dance.

/**Lunch & Shopping Break**/

*/2:30 - 4:30pm: Shimmy 'n Shake/*
Explore the wonderful world of shimmies! We will work on defining
different kinds of shimmies- 4/4, 3/4, vibrations, shoulder shimmies and
more. We will incorporate footwork, traveling, and upper body layers in
this exciting class with Rose's unique approach to shimmies.

/*The Details:*/
*Registration is limited to 14 students!!*
*Tution:*/* Before August 1st: */$55 for both workshops, or $30
each./*After August 1st:*/ $65 for both workshops, or $35 each.

Studio II @ RISD Catanzaro Student Center (Basement floor of The Met), 30 Waterman Street, Providence, RI (between Benefit and Meeting Sts, in the middle of the block on the left, a short walk up from the security offices and entrance to The Quad).

/*About Rose Harden:*/

Rose Harden, artist and Tribal Fusion belly dancer, has been a passionate member of the vibrant San Francisco belly dance and
performance community since 1999. She has contributed her artistry to the innovative concepting, costuming, and choreography of influential dance companies *Ultra Gypsy* and the *Barbary Coast Shakedown*. Rose loves the creative process and approaches performance as an extension of her visual arts training, crafting with intention, a unique experience for the audience. She continue to share the joy of this dance form through performance, instruction, and continued study.

As assistant director of Ultra Gypsy, Rose enjoyed sharing the essentials of great technique, dynamic presence and the joy of this
dance form through teaching with Jill Parker throughout the United States and Europe at major festivals and workshops. Festivals she is
honored to have been a part of include Tribal Fest, Spirit of the Tribes, Northern Migration, Tribal Quest, Tribal Cafe, Tribal Con, and
the International Belly Dance Convention.

Rose is inspired by the diversity of the San Francisco performance and dance community where she continues her dance and movement studies with Suhalia Salimpour, Mira Betz, Amy Sigil, yoga, modern dance, and pilates. She also tours with the Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and The Lifesize Mousetrap when not managing Rosehips Designs.

Complete details and PayPal registration at http://darklydramatic.com/tempest/rose.html
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