May. 7th, 2010

Tempest's Workshop @ Tribal Fest 10 - "The Body Of Dance"
Thursday, 5/13, RUSSIAN Room 2:30-5:30 (3 hours total)
**A few spaces are still available - register at the door, $48 per student.**

At the bare essence of dance, the dancer uses their body to express the music, to create lines and carve shapes in space. The best dancers not only know a lot of moves and how to put them together, but how to choose and utlize moves that look best on their frames and express their intent and personality. So that they OWN the moves, the moves don't own them - and every angle is appealing to the eye, regardless of their size or figure. And far too often, teachers pass moves on to their students without taking into consideration how differences in frame and body structure can affect those moves. Are you dancing to your best advantage? This workshop intensive is designed to help you use what you have to the best of your body - to create more effective and powerful dance using your existing vocabulary (as well as new combinations and accents) for understanding YOUR body lines for the most flattering look and finish - and this workshop is for ALL body types and styles. Learn to use what nature has given you NOW (not where you hope to be), and RAK it!

In addition to addressing to tailoring moves for your body type, we will also focus on costuming for professionalism - aka
Tempest's Guide To Style - tailoring costuming to your personality and the level of dance you're presenting, while discovering what works best in terms of lines, color, and pattern for your figure and presentation.Learn how to integrate your favorite elements without looking like a curbside alert or a copycat.

This is a mini-intensive open to all levels and styles of dancers, but especially for those who at a performance level. What to Bring: You are encouraged to bring costuming pieces and inspiration pictures - and be ready to take notes for your personal shape!

"Body of Dance" premiered in Indianapolis this past April - and here's what some of the attendees had to say about their workshop experience:

"I found this workshop not only gave me great ideas on how best to present moves on my own body, but it gave me a much better appreciationfor my body. When Tempest went through each suggested move and demonstrated how to present it in the best way for each body type, I realized that there aren't any moves that "don't look right on me" -only ways of presenting a move that are more flattering than other ways. All in all, a very affirming workshop - I don't need to try to lose 80 pounds and grow long legs after all!" - Kat

"The Body of Dance taught me how to make the different moves work best on my body. Simple modifications like changing the angle can make a ton of difference. As a teacher, I learned a lot invaluable information to help my students make the most out of the moves for their body shape.Tempest took us on a journey of how the different moves really feel IN our bodies... not just on our bodies." - Celeste



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